4-year Junior College course offer for “worrying” working students – Alfred Sant


The news that the Junior College would allow its students to complete their studies in four years rather than two to facilitate the balance between studies and work for its young students has raised concern from MEP and former Prime Minister Alfred Sant .

When the decision was announced, Junior College deputy principal Roderick Vassallo said it reflected a growing number of students who had no choice but to work, including some who were breadwinners. . By offering four-year courses, he said, the Junior College sought to reduce the proportion of working students who dropped out.

Invited to comment on the case by Newsbook.com.mt On Tuesday – amid criticism from many student organizations – Finance Minister Clyde Caruana was apparently unfazed by the developments, saying that “students are becoming more and more empowered, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing “.

Working 16-year-olds are ’empowered’, says finance minister

Caruana also said it was becoming increasingly difficult for students to juggle school and work, as he welcomed the various Labor government measures to allow them to work longer without losing their benefits.

But Sant took a different interpretation.

“The reason given for this change is worrying,” said the MEP. “This appears to reveal a new development that indicates an increase in poverty among families.”

Although Sant observed that no indication had yet been given of the number of students who would benefit from the possibility of taking a 4-year course, he argued that the underlying causes needed to be examined.

“Whether few or many, this needs to be addressed to better understand what has driven school-aged students to become responsible for the livelihoods of their families,” he said.


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