Anna University College Freshman Engineering Courses Start Online Today, Two Months Late – Edexlive

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First-semester classes for undergraduate engineering programs at Anna University-affiliated colleges will begin on Monday. Due to the lockdown, training preparation for newcomers took on a new digital twist this year.

Increasing college internet bandwidth, mass adoption of virtual labs, equipping teachers with tablets or laptops, and establishing digital mentorship programs are some of the news college adaptations. This academic year, the university released the revised Academic Calendar. While orientation programs began the second week of this month, full-fledged technical classes will begin on Monday for first-semester engineering students.

The first semester exam, which takes place in December each year, could take place in February 2021. “We have increased the bandwidth of the Internet connection. All our teachers already have a tablet,” said Sai Prakash Leo Muthu, CEO of Sairam Institutions.

Older students have already had personal interaction with their teachers and peers and teachers have been made aware of their strengths and weaknesses before moving to online lessons. Sairam institutions have introduced an online mentoring program where each teacher is assigned 15 students to mentor, Leo Muthu said. G Maheswaran, an associate professor at the Chennai Institute of Technology, said the orientation program was used to get students out of the “school mindset”.

One of the common problems encountered is recreating the lab experiment. Many colleges have signed up for virtual labs. “We took out a mass membership for a virtual lab so students wouldn’t lose the experimentation experience,” said the head of the mechanical engineering department at an engineering school. Another problem faced by many colleges was teaching mathematics online.

Some colleges have organized training for their math faculty on various chrome software that can be used as virtual boards. Others have a classroom with equipment to stream the class live. Colleges that have expanded to digital learning are located in Tier I cities. Some teachers, speaking on condition of anonymity, said many of their students had very spotty internet connections.

“We don’t know if online classes will work for very long,” said an assistant professor at an engineering school.


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