Apply for a loan in 2019 with extra low fixed interest

Requesting a quote also includes:

Requesting a quote also includes:

  • An assessment at the BKR is part of the credit assessment.
  • Your data is shared with cooperating banks, credit providers and insurers.
  • Our privacy statement applies to our services.

What happens if I click on “Request quotation”?

What happens if I click on "Request quotation"?

  • Your request will be sent and processed by our experienced credit advisors.
  • If necessary, you can immediately upload the necessary documents to speed up the payment of your application.
  • Applications are processed on the same day on weekdays, and applications are processed on a Monday during the weekend.

Your loan application with Credither

Your loan application with Credither

As soon as you click on “request a quote ” above, the details for your loan request will be sent. Our experienced credit advisors will then process your application as quickly as possible. On business days this often happens the same day, loan applications that are submitted during the weekend are handled the next business day. This means that the credit advisor will first check whether you are eligible for a loan based on your data and your personal financial situation. For example, it is tested whether you do not have a negative BKR registration that stands in the way of a loan and whether you can bear a loan based on your income and fixed costs.

Are you eligible for a money loan? Then our credit advisors will calculate how much you can borrow to determine whether you can borrow the loan amount you want. Hereby we compare for you all products, conditions and interest rates that our cooperating lenders can offer. From all options we select the most favorable offer for you. Among other things, we negotiate the most economical possible interest and of course the best conditions. That way you will never pay more than necessary.

We process the best interest and the best conditions in a customized proposal. You will receive this proposal via e-mail. As soon as you return the signed proposal, together with your details, we will arrange further processing. If everything is in order, the bank will often pay your loan within 2 working days.

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