As of today, the Delhi University Colleges admissions process is fully online

For years, the undergraduate admission season at the University of Delhi (DU) has seen large crowds flock to colleges, with aspirants and their parents lining up for long hours to secure a place in the college. course and college of their choice. However, with admissions fully online this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic and students not being allowed to enter colleges, that will all change as of Monday.

Admission procedure

Once the deadline is announced, an applicant will need to choose a college and course they are eligible for on their dashboard. “Once they have made their choice, the data will be forwarded to the department head of the college and they will be required to verify all the documents. Once satisfied, they will approve it and it will go to the president of the college admissions committee and finally to the principal. After the final approval, the student will be notified to pay the fee online and the process will be completed, ”said Admissions Dean Shobha Bagai.

Students will have five days – until Friday – to submit their fees. “Admission is not confirmed by the simple approval of the director; it is only confirmed when charges are deposited. Based on the evening data of day 5, one would be able to determine the threshold for the following list. So every Friday evening the admission data for this round will be prepared, and every Saturday there will be a new cut list, ”said Anju Srivastava, principal of Hindu College. She said colleges were also required to “generate daily reports before 5-6 p.m. on principal-approved requests, denied requests and pending requests.”

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Kirori Mal College principal Vibha Chauhan said, “If we refuse admission, we must explain the reason to the aspirant. If there is a problem with verifying certificates, we are supposed to call the student and tell them to email their certificate to verify it. Unless it is a very serious discrepancy, we will accept it, as these admissions, strictly speaking, remain provisional until they physically arrive at the college with their documents. For any issues, students are expected to contact members of the college grievance committee, whose contacts will be available on the college websites. However, they are not allowed to enter the college campus.

Presence of staff inside the college

The presence of teaching and non-teaching staff at the time of admissions will depend on decisions made at the college level and will vary. Kalindi College, for example, has called all teachers at the university, raising concerns about safety. Most colleges, however, have kept it flexible.

“We kept it open for teachers. Some have better internet arrangements at home to work remotely, others will come to college. However, we will have a lot more non-teaching staff than before, because this is a new area where we are moving forward, so we want it to be foolproof, ”Srivastava said. Chauhan added, “We expect a lot of teachers to come to the university, but some might not be able to. For example, a teacher has a Covid patient in her family so she can’t come, and there are others who have classes online. The choice was left to them.

Preparations for the first day

The one high priority for all colleges on Sunday was to ensure that students do not visit colleges on Monday and to make adequate arrangements for teachers who will visit their respective colleges for the admissions process. “We received strong advice from the university not to allow students inside colleges. . We must also arrange accordingly for more guards. Arrangements for connectivity and disinfection for future visitors will also need to be made today, ”said Srivastava.

Chauhan said the major announcements would be posted as door notices for students, including contact information for grievance committee members. “We opened and disinfected our computer labs and other rooms. The teachers have their lists and they know when to come, and we have prepared for social distancing, ”she said.

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