CAO offers: several college courses hit the 625 point threshold amid growing demand


More than a dozen college courses have passed the 600 CAD point threshold, in a context of growing demand for places.

CAO received over 6,500 more applicants this year than in 2020.

First-round offers were sent out this afternoon.

Four courses – Dentistry at UCC; Management Sciences and Information Systems Studies and Dental Sciences at Trinity; and Economics and Finance at UCD – reached maximum point threshold due to demand.

More than a dozen others have point requirements above 600.

In these cases, random selection means that not all of the people who achieved the required points were offered a spot.

A student can only achieve a maximum of 625 points if he obtains H1 grades in six higher-level Leaving Cert subjects, including mathematics.

Higher mathematics is the only subject that offers an additional 25 points.

The growing demand for university places and high Leaving Cert results record increase the points in a number of courses.

Irish timeEducation editor Carl O’Brien says the pandemic has also influenced people’s academic choices.

He said: “Nursing, medicine as well as pharmacy and x-ray… these in high demand health classes, for the most part, will see point increases depending on the trends we see.

“This also goes for a lot of science lessons – maybe the importance of vaccination put that on the students’ minds.”

Main image: Trinity College file photo. Photo: Sam Boal /

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