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BILLINGS – MSU Billings City College Auto Body Class presents a big gift to a local church.

After Pastor John Farnes of the Laurel Family Church approached Steven Wodrich, a City College auto body instructor, asking if he could help paint the church van, Wodrich and his class did something even better.

The students worked for hours to transform the rusty van into something they could be proud of. The class stripped the van, painted it, and re-fitted the bumpers and running boards with bed liner. The van was then finished with personalized stickers.

The necessary materials were provided by generous donors.

While working on the van restoration, the students were able to gain real-world experience, such as conflict resolution, that will come in handy when they are at work.

“Me and Ethan, we were put on the roof together, and in order to do that, we had to spray two different guns at the same time. We found that the air pressure didn’t really work that way, and we had to figure that out, “said Braden Webb, auto body student.” It was a conflict that … it took us a minute to figure it out, but we finally got it.

The van restoration also qualified for City College‘s service learning organization, Skills USA. The organization ranges from construction jobs to robotics and even waitress, and offers competitions to encourage interest in commercial jobs.

“These projects are great for freshmen because so far we’re working on individual pieces and they can practice things. This is their first live project of what they’re actually going to do. in a store. So all we’ve done on this pickup truck is something they’re going to run into when they get to work after they graduate from here, “Wodrich said.

Wodrich says there is a great need for skilled workers in commerce industries and these jobs are often well paid too.

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