Dallas expands opportunity to take college classes to high school juniors

DALLAS TWP. – The Dallas School District is extending its “Young Scholars” program through the freshman year of high school, which means participating students could earn 24 college credits before graduation, double the previous amount when only seniors could benefit from it.

High school principal Gregory Riley announced the change during a recap of the high school’s revised course description book. He also added that the four colleges working with the district will also offer students the opportunity to take college courses during the summer and winter terms, creating a chance to earn up to 36 college credits while staying in high school.

Other changes include the addition of a video production course, food nutrition course, piano II, guitar II, and astronomy.

College principal Jeffrey Shaffer also reviewed the revised course description for this building, noting that most of the changes are “desktop” to better describe certain courses, but that the school would introduce a new specialist English course. in the eighth year which will be integrated into the specialization courses. in the higher grades.

Both course description proposals were approved during the voting session.

Honorary Football Coach

The board received ears from at least half a dozen parents and a pupil criticizing the boys’ football coach and demanding that he be replaced. They gave examples alleging foul language, putting students down, and a case in which a team member was left behind during a game despite other team members reporting it. The board of directors made no comment on the matter and took no action.

The board also:

• Corrected two typographical errors in previous appointments: The person named assistant high school track coach is Loran Napkora at a salary of $3,561, and Nicole Wren was named 7th grade track coach, not a coach assistant, at $1,272.

• Accepted the resignation of housekeeper Linda Darby and appointed Troy Vankevich and Ariel Courter as housekeepers.

• Appointed Bruce McLeod as a bus driver, employed by contract district transportation company G. Davis, Inc.

• Alternates named Ashley Cragle, Kayla Pogash and Amber Springer.

• Named Brian Hilburt as assistant college wrestling coach at $2,625, VanEssa Kerecman as senior high school boys’ volleyball coach at $3,180 and Kellie Cookus as assistant college softball coach at $2,671.

• Agreed to provide financial support of $9,400 to the Back Mountain Memorial Library.

• Approved final payment to Lobar, Inc. of $9,000 for the construction of the middle school.

• Approving a leave of absence to raise children to kindergarten teacher Tamara Broody and appointing Kristy Rollins as a long-term substitute kindergarten teacher to replace her from February 15 to May 27, with a prorated salary of 43,111 $.

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