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NEW DELHI: Google Forms for Parental Consent, Lab Disinfection, Student Immunization Status Survey – these are some of the actions Delhi University colleges are taking as they prepare to resume sessions laboratory practices for Wednesday’s final year undergraduate and postgraduate students.

University directors said they expected fewer students on Wednesday as the majority of those not in Delhi will not be able to attend. “We have published the Google Form for Parental Consent. We are giving both online theory lessons and offline practical lessons so this combination is not suitable for those who stay outside Delhi, which is why many don’t. maybe not said yes to come to college, ”said Dr Anju Srivastava, director of Hindu College.

She said they will have a very manageable number of students. “For example, if we have 25 students, we will divide them into groups of two, which means that we will have no more than 12-15 students in a large lab, and no more than 8-10 students in a small lab. , ” she said.

Professor Balaram Pani, Dean of Colleges at the University of Delhi and Director of Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences, said Delhi students should come and even if students from outside Delhi come, they would face the problem of finding accommodation.

“We will see the participation rate and then decide on the feasibility of running physical classes. The libraries have been opened and we will see the library attendance and that would give us a rough idea of ​​how many students are coming to colleges for. publish books, “he added.

Dr Rajesh Giri, director of Rajdhani College, said he sent Google forms to students to get their parents’ consent. The form asks them to provide information on their vaccination status, their mode of transport, etc.

“In case they haven’t received even a single dose of the coronavirus vaccine, we’ll guide them to nearby Shivaji College, where the vaccines are administered. There are disinfection machines there. “inside the college and we also have gloves and masks for students who might have forgotten. We are fully armed and have formed a working group for the reopening of the college,” he added.

Srivastava said they would prefer students who received both doses but would allow those who received the first dose. But there will be no entry for those who have not yet been vaccinated, she said.

“This would push them to get vaccinated. Several staff members will ensure that all COVID protocols are followed. Having the Arogya Setu app on the phone is also a mandatory requirement as we have also requested the latest RT-PCR report. In case the students have a hard time getting it, we’ll see what needs to be done, ”she added.

In an order last week regarding the gradual reopening, the university said the physical presence of students can be optional and should be up to them to decide. The decree also specifies that teaching and non-teaching staff in colleges, departments and centers must receive the two doses of the Covid vaccine as soon as possible.

“It is further advised that all students entering the college / department / university receive at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine. While both doses of COVID-19 vaccine are essential for hostel students, please ensure – make sure residents have at least one dose of vaccine, “the order says.


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