Delhi University colleges reopen with full COVID standards

February 17, 2022 1:22 p.m. STI

New Delhi [India]Feb 17 (ANI): Delhi University colleges reopen for all undergraduate and postgraduate courses from today with full COVID guidelines after two years of full offline mode.
In accordance with the university’s directive, colleges must be completely disconnected from today.
Aditi, a 2nd year student from Gargi College, told ANI, “I feel very excited and nervous at the same time because I will make new friends, meet new people. Since I joined middle school, today will be my first day attending the offline class. It feels very weird to meet my classmates for the first time after interacting with them virtually. My parents advised me to wear the mask all the time and disinfect my hands.”

Tisha, another 2nd year student from Gargi middle school, said: “I’m quite excited but I’m also worried. Even my mother warned me about everything because the middle schools opened at full capacity. In my class , there are about 70 students, but the seating arrangement is actually only for 50-55 students, so 5-6 students sit on a single bench and it is difficult to follow social distancing norms.
Professor Promila Kumar, Principal of Gargi College, said, “I think I am more excited than my students because life is back in college and I can see dynamic faces around me, colorful surroundings.
“Students were losing a lot. University is an important part of their life which they missed when they were sitting at home. Now they will gain a lot in college as well,” he added.
“Regarding the hybrid model, we are not equipped enough for each class to manage teaching in hybrid mode. But, I asked my teachers if they could help students by taking lessons online or giving them extra time or sharing their recorded lectures, PPTs to help them,” Kumar added.
Kumar further added that last week college preparations were done for the benefit of the students. All rooms have already been disinfected. The canteen, which had been closed for two years, was whitewashed and cleaned. The Bookstore is open. Disinfectants are placed in different places in the college. We put on extra masks if someone does not receive the mask. The temperature control is already there at the door. We are following all COVID protocols and a recorded message at set intervals will be played advising the student to follow the protocols. (ANI)

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