Delhi University Colleges See Low Attendance on Day 1 of Practical Work for Graduating Students



University of Delhi (DU) colleges on Wednesday reported low attendance on the first day of resumed hands-on lab sessions for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Principals and teachers said low attendance could be due to a majority of out-of-town students still unsure of returning and possibly watching how the COVID-19 situation unfolds. took place in the national capital.

At Ramjas College, which has nearly 1,000 final year science students, 20 to 25 students have come to the institution, but only seven have gone to the lab, said principal Manoj Khanna. “Attendance was pretty slim. Students see each other and analyze if their classmates are coming. There is fear in the minds of parents. I think we will know the situation after Diwali, ”he said.

Abha Dev Habib, who teaches physics at Miranda House, said that in a class of 80 final year students in his department, 10% showed up for a practical class on day one. They were excited to be back in college because they can take the hands-on lab sessions, she said.

“The second wave (COVID-19) occurred in April and May and parents might wish the vaccination cycle was over. The seriousness of attending classes will come if the university announces offline exams. Due to the postgraduate entrance exams and other such entrance exams, students are not serious about the final year anyway. Students find online exams easier because they have the option to choose between offline and online mode, ”she said.

The professor also said parents could send their children to college in October after the mid-semester break. Hem Chand Jain, principal of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, said that out of 500 third-year science students, only 20 students came on the first day.

“The majority of science students come from outside Delh and very few come from the nation’s capital. I think students from outside Delhi will wait and watch the COVID-19 situation, ”he said. Jain said they also staggered the classes and gave two days for each class.

“We have 11 lab classes and each has been given two days to run rotating lab sessions. This means that a third of the students would be called. So the numbers are still correct, ”he said, adding that even in a pre-pandemic time, the first day would see low turnout. Manoj Sinha, principal of Aryabhatta College and general secretary of the Delhi University Directors Association, said colleges do not call many people and most of them do not come.

“The colleges are moving cautiously. In our college today, 10 psychology students came and 10 alumni came to donate safety equipment for COVID-19. It was more of an introductory class today. Our IT department holds consultations with students and forms groups, ”he said.

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