Delhi university colleges still unsure of reopening hostels due to Covid 19 cases still lingering in a few places

New Delhi: In light of calls to reopen college campuses, Delhi University officials said they decided to wait a few more weeks before making a decision on the matter.

Vice Chancellor Yogesh Singh said DU’s case was “very different”.

“Our situation is very different because we have a lot of students from other states. Some states are still reporting numerous cases of Covid-19 and the opening of college campuses would mean students from those states will have to travel to Delhi. with regard to schools, their situation is different because most of the pupils are local. We will wait a few more weeks before making a decision, ”he told The Times of India.

For a long time, several student organizations have called for the reopening of the campuses of various colleges affiliated with the University of Delhi. However, the university was unable to come to any decision citing fear of Covid.

The accommodation of off-station students in the hostel is another problem as most of them have shared rooms. While some college principals wait for detailed guidelines to be issued by the DU, some say that colleges are highly unlikely to reopen for all courses.

Quoting DU’s Dean of Student Welfare Rajiv Gupta, the ToI report said: “At present, many undergraduates, PhDs and postgraduates live in university hostels. Most hostels are watching. that new admissions are not currently being processed and therefore undergraduates are not. admitted. We will wait a few more weeks for the situation to be clarified. “

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