Doña Ana Community College will accept students from Vista College, program will start in fall 2022

Vista College airs on Wednesday, October 27, 2021, after closing its doors to its students in Las Cruces.

LAS CRUCES – The nursing program at Doña Ana Community College announced Thursday that it will accept students from the recently closed Vista College in Las Cruces.

The DACC is currently seeking approval for a stand-alone Licensed Practical Nurse program to transition LPN students from Vista College to DACC. The DACC is expected to receive approval from the New Mexico Nursing Council by January 2022, and the program is expected to begin in fall 2022.

The DACC currently has a career laddering program that allows students to advance in their educational careers to become LPNs. A stand-alone LPN program will help LPN students continue the education they may have started at another school.

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Vista College was brutally closed on October 8, declaring bankruptcy and leaving students with nowhere to complete their graduate studies.

Students from different programs have researched different options to complete their education at schools that will accept the credits they earned at Vista College.

To apply for the LPN program, students must apply to the DACC at

Once admitted, students will be required to submit transcripts, which may be unofficial if applying from a closed campus. Students can then make an appointment with an advisor to plan their course at DACC, and receive information about their courses and financial aid. The DACC encourages students to contact the New Mexico Department of Higher Education to obtain a copy of official transcripts, as well as the Federal Department of Financial Aid to begin the loan cancellation application process.

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