Forensic Science Alum Brings New Opportunities to Lee College Students


Robert Fried ’01, ’02 MS is grateful for the many meaningful experiences he has had at New Haven University, and for the exciting career he has had since graduating. Now he and his employer, Sandline Discovery, are helping to create similar transformational opportunities for current students.

21 October 2021

By Renee Chmiel, Office of Marketing and Communications

Robert Fried ’01, ’02 MS enjoys fostering science education for students of all ages, including his own children, Aaron and Madeline.

Robert Fried ’01, ’02 MS believes his time as a forensic science student at New Haven University has been critical in preparing him for success in the field. He is committed to ensuring that current students continue to have the same impactful experiences. Her generous support for her alma mater is now creating new opportunities, including an innovative new course.

Robert Fried '01, '02 MS
Robert Fried ’01, ’02 MS

Senior Vice President and Global Head of Forensics and Investigations for Sandline Discovery – a leading provider of litigation assistance and e-discovery services serving legal and compliance teams, Fried – and the company – are supporting the program investigation from the University’s Henry C. Lee College of Criminal. Justice and forensic sciences.

“I hope that with our support, students share with me a similar positive experience and experience success in the future,” said Fried, who is a member of the MS Investigations Program Advisory Board. “Exposure to the tools and resources they are likely to encounter when they enter the workforce gives students a head start. We are excited to be able to play a role in creating memorable experiences for students and helping them develop important skills, thus preparing them for success.

“We selected the University specifically for its unprecedented commitment to excellence”

Fried is supporting the creation of a web-based electronic evidence training course that will cover topics such as evidence mining for digital devices and analysis. Sandline’s giveaway will provide training materials and licenses to students, ensuring they have hands-on experience in extracting electronic evidence.

Patrick Malloy, senior lecturer at Lee College, says the giveaway is “extremely critical” for the launch of the university’s new digital forensics degree.

Jon Canty, CEO of Sandline.
Jon Canty, CEO of Sandline.

“Our students will have more opportunities to engage in investigations compared to traditional digital forensic programs,” he said. “Preparing students for the extraction, analysis and investigation phase of digital forensics is extremely critical for students entering the world of forensics, both in the private and public sectors. It will combine the three critical steps, which will provide our students with a more robust experience. ”

Sandline will be opening a digital forensics office and lab in New York City later this year, and the company looks forward to recruiting New Haven University students as interns and potentially hiring graduates.

“We are delighted to support the University of New Haven by providing training materials and funding for the purchase of forensic licenses,” said Jon Canty, CEO of Sandline. “It is essential that students gain hands-on experience with the business forensic tools that they will use on a daily basis in the job market.

“This company also supports Sandline’s internship partnership with New Haven University forensics, where digital evidence interns have the opportunity to use these technologies in a real-world environment,” Canty continued. “We selected the University specifically for its unprecedented commitment to excellence in forensic science. ”

“It is an honor to be able to reconnect with the University”

As a loader, Fried says he was grateful to learn from leading forensic science experts who brought their experience to the classroom. He is still in contact with many of his former teachers and classmates.

The cover of Professional Investigator magazine.
Henry C. Lee, Ph.D., and Robert Fried ’01, ’02 MS recently featured on the cover of Professional Investigator magazine.

Fried says he still applies the concepts he learned in class. He recently co-authored an article with world-renowned forensic scientist Henry C. Lee, Ph.D., professor emeritus at the University, which was featured in Professional Investigator magazine. He plans to teach a course at the University in the near future.

“It is an honor to be able to reconnect with the University,” he said. “I am grateful for the opportunities I have had since graduating. It was a privilege to have attended a university which provided me with a high quality education which prepared me for success. Most importantly, being able to wake up every day and provide for my family while doing what I love is a great feeling.

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