Free Fife College Courses Offer Skills for a New Career Start


Fancy a career change in business, hospitality, engineering or IT? These online courses make it easy for you.

Fife College recently introduced a new range of free short skills-building courses for fall 2021, to help locals looking to upgrade or retrain in key industrial sectors.

Classes can also help those who have reached the end of the leave scheme. The £ 66bn employment support scheme, which was put in place by the UK government at the start of the pandemic, ended in September, leaving many in Fife uncertain about the future of their jobs.

Don’t let the cost of learning worries stop you

Misconceptions can often discourage people from learning a new skill or retraining for a new career. Have you ever thought “I would like to do this but I don’t have the time or the money”? The good news is that studying something new doesn’t have to be a big investment of time and money.

The fully funded Skills building course Running at Fife College is free, and depending on which course you enroll in, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few months, quickly and effectively improving your skills across several different industries and industries.

The way you think and act now could make a huge difference to your future career. So why not consider completing your CV by taking one (or more!) Of these short courses and increasing your employability?

Areas covered include:

Business: Learn about customer service and business, as well as interview and teamwork skills.

Hospitality: For people involved in the hotel and catering industry, the healthcare sector, food distribution and food processing and anyone interested in food hygiene.

Waste Management: Develop your values, attitudes and skills to achieve a circular economy and protect our environment.

Automotive engineering: Acquire the knowledge and skills to work safely on electric / hybrid vehicles while performing routine maintenance and repair activities.

IT and cyber: Get PC Passport and Cyber ​​Security qualifications, or learn more about the Internet of Things.

Mathematics: Build on your basic numeracy skills, learning transferable skills including understanding and using graphs, tables, charts and diagrams.

Not only are these short courses free, most of them are online and several of them are flexible as well; which means you can start and finish your studies whenever you want. So you can tailor your studies to your other commitments, without worrying about travel and childcare – you just study in the comfort of your own home.

Dorothée Leslie, vice principal of academic strategy at Fife College, said: “The end of the leave regime was a milestone in the timeline of this pandemic, and I know it has left a lot of people worried about it. future of their employment.

“At Fife College, we want to give all possible help to those who are worried about their job or who want to change careers, helping them to develop and retrain quickly.

“That’s why we’ve designed these free, short-term skill-building courses that can quickly help anyone in their career. We offer them in a variety of different industry sectors and they are designed to provide relevant qualifications that can help put those who study with us back into the world of work.

“We are convinced that these courses could make a significant difference for those who study with us and help them transform their careers.

Think about where a new qualification might take your career. You could increase your potential and transform your life in just a few weeks by honing and perfecting yourself with Fife College.

Registration is easy – visit the The Fife College website here, select the course you are interested in and submit your application.

What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose and new skills to acquire!

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