Free university courses this summer

Photo: Delaware Community College’s summer campus is very welcoming. Southwestern high school graduates can be there virtually for math and English bridging courses aimed at preparing them for success in further college studies or being productive at their jobs.

Virtual Bridge Classes in Developmental English and Mathematics

Spaces are filling up for the three free Zoom classes offered this summer by Delaware County Community College through the PA state-funded Act 101 program. It is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) and open to all residents of Pennsylvania. The program is designed to provide educational support services, strengthen academic skills, and build confidence in a student’s ability to succeed.

Basic requirements include state residency, a passing score on a placement exam, and eligibility for financial aid. Candidates who qualify, however, must purchase the books required for their courses.

The Act 101 Summer Program is an intensive, tuition-free 7-week summer transition program designed to make a student’s transition to college life smooth and meaningful. The program is designed to enhance the skills you need for your academic success and individual growth. Qualified students must purchase textbooks for the Summer Bridge program.

Students who have taken these DCCC courses find themselves better prepared to continue their studies in two- and four-year colleges or help them secure careers in a wide variety of industries and professions. They report that they develop skills to make better decisions, improve time management, communicate more effectively and plan for future success.

Courses include developmental reading, developmental English (including speaking), and basic or developmental math. Tutoring is required with professional educators and help with computer use and word processing is available. Group and individual counseling sessions help explore career and personal development. Tuition for the summer program is free for eligible students.

The enrollment process for the Summer Bridge program involves first applying to DCCC (, taking the DCCC Placement Test (610-325-2776), applying for financial aid at www.fafsa. gov and enforce the law. Program 101

(Information for this article was provided by Karyn Lynch, Manager of Student Support Services, Philadelphia School District | Office of Student Support Services via Venard Johnson of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Network for Family Health, education and welfare. Those who would like help applying for Act 101 courses can contact him at 267-595-3178 or via [email protected])

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