Ghatshila College students affected by admissions anomalies end hunger strike

Principal’s written assurance to begin enrollment from August 1

Mail news service

Ghatshila, July 30: Students at Ghatshila College, affected by enrollment anomalies, have been on a hunger strike since Thursday, but written assurances from the College’s Principal, Dr. RK Chaudhary, to start enrollment from August 1 has ensured the lifting of the strike undertaken by 22 students. According to reports, 70 students were victims of admission anomalies committed by the authorities of Ghatshila College. The students had demanded that admissions start on Thursday July 28 so that the college could fix flaws in the admissions process.

Ghatshila MLA Ramdas Soren and his Baharagora counterpart, Samir Mahanty, had discussions about this with the college principal, Dr. RK Chaudhary, which led to a decision that students who had achieved 80% marks in their matriculation exams would be enrolled in Ghatshila College. Simultaneously, it was agreed during the discussions that the students who were to bear the brunt of the admissions flow would be enrolled between August 1 and August 16. The MPs said that it was also decided that there would be an increased number of places for students who appeared in the examinations organized by the board of the Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC), but they also clarified that this arrangement was only made for this period for students who were to suffer from faults committed by Ghatshila College.

The students who have been on hunger strike since Thursday are said to have been supported by the Indian Union of Democratic Students (AIDSO). The same report states that the leader of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), Vivek Mahapatra, along with party activists arrived at the tent erected by the 22 hunger-striking students and accused the rival faction, AIDSO, of of taking the students for a ride because the Ghatshila College Principal had already issued a written statement stating that the enrollment of underprivileged students would begin on August 1 and from August 1. ? Why are they misleading these students? This is nothing less than dirty politics.

Two female students on hunger strike, Lakshmi Namta and Ryia Aditya, fainted and were rushed to Ghatshila Subdivision Hospital. However, there was no further information on their condition. However, seeing the two students become unconscious, the other striking students became enraged and supported by AIDSO activists, blocked the road to Ghatshila College.

After getting information, Ghatshila Block Development Manager Kumar S Abhinav and Circle Manager Rajiv Kumar reached Ghatshila College and inquired about the matter. They had a conversation with the Principal of Ghatshila College, Dr. RK Chaudhary and finally it was decided that instead of August 1, registration would start from today, Saturday July 30. Not only was the strike called off, but five students submitted their registration forms today.

The students affected by the lack of registration demanded that they be accommodated free of charge. The principal of Ghatshila College told the students that they would get concessions on college development fees but would have to pay the full amount of the exam fees. But he clearly asked the affected students to submit the required documents according to the rules in order to be able to identify the applicants who had suffered from errors in the registration system.

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