Glasgow students take part in a five-a-side match for White Ribbon Scotland

GLASGOW students took part in a five-a-side football tournament to support a pledge to end gender-based violence.

Students from City of Glasgow College, Glasgow Clyde College and Glasgow Kelvin College competed on the pitch for the White Ribbon Scotland Cup.

White Ribbon Scotland is an ongoing campaign to end violence against women and men, and each of the five players has signed their pledge.

Speaking about why they decided to get involved, Robert Scullion, Head of Student Engagement at City of Glasgow College, explained: “We wanted to bring Glasgow colleges together with sport to support White Ribbon Scotland and combat gender-based violence.

“It was an opportunity to teach young people that any type of violence against anyone is not tolerated.

“We have a responsibility to make sure people are aware of this type of campaign. It was a fantastic event and we hope to hold more in the future.”

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Johanna Thompson, Student President of Glasgow Clyde College, added: ‘The three Glasgow colleges have come together in association with White Ribbon Scotland to get as many people as possible to sign the pledge to say they will not pledge. , will not tolerate or remain silent on discrimination based on gender. violence.

“It was great to get everyone involved and to have the three colleges in Glasgow working together for this cause.”

It was the City of Glasgow College Clean Up team that won the tournament and won the cup.

Davy Thompson, campaign manager for White Ribbon Scotland, said: “We are delighted to now be working with the three colleges in Glasgow to tackle violence against women.

“Events like the Regional Football Tournament draw attention to issues and raise awareness in a friendly and competitive way.”

The event was organized by the Colleges Student Unions and supported by the Glasgow Colleges Regional Council and was held on May 26 at PowerLeague Glasgow.

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Martin Boyle, Executive Director of Glasgow Colleges Regional Council, said: “We would like to thank the three Glasgow Colleges and everyone involved in organising, supporting and taking part in this fantastic collaborative event, in support of a very important cause.

Glasgow Kelvin College Student President Lauren McLaren spoke about how important it is for colleges in Glasgow to come together and tackle the issues facing students.

She added: “By working together, it is possible to tackle the issues facing students in Glasgow and promote positive change.

“The Regional Football Tournament was a great opportunity for the three Glasgow Colleges to take part in a competitive sporting event, feel part of the wider student community and learn more about the important cause we support. .

“Nothing changes if it is unchallenged and by signing the pledge you are acknowledging and challenging the issue.”

To find out more about White Ribbon Scotland, click here.

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