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Oakland – In a bold commitment to university affordability, Holy Names University has announced that 100% of tuition will be covered for incoming freshman students eligible for the Pell and Cal scholarships. “HNU Tuition Fee Guarantee” is available to new students enrolling at Holy Names University from fall 2022.

“Holy Names University has a long history of providing the financial support needed to make a small private college accessible to more students,” said Elizabeth Mihopoulos, vice president of enrollment management. “With the HNU Tuition Fee Guarantee, we can provide eligible families with the assurance that tuition is 100% covered.”

The HNU tuition guarantee will simplify the financial aid process, which can often be intimidating and confusing for students and families. To take advantage of HNU’s Tuition Fee Guarantee, students simply need to apply to HNU, complete their FAFSA by March 2, and apply for the Cal scholarship. No additional request is required.

The HNU Tuition Fee Guarantee will apply to all available federal and state grants, as well as HNU scholarships and grants, to cover 100% of the tuition fee. Room, meals, manuals and fees are not included. Students must complete their FAFSA and Cal Grant application annually to remain eligible.

Visit hnu.edu to learn more about the HNU Tuition Fee Guarantee.

Holy Names University (HNU) has empowered and prepared a diverse student body for a productive life of leadership and service since 1868. Rooted in Catholic intellectual and spiritual traditions, the University was founded by the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. HNU offers liberal arts and vocational training. Student-centered, with small classes and lessons in varying formats and schedules, HNU caters to the needs of all learners, including first generation students and working adults. Nestled in the Oakland Hills of California, the university’s idyllic 60-acre campus offers panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay. For more information, visit hnu.edu.

Article based on a press release from Holy Names University, Oakland

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