In Covid Year Thresholds Rise To 100% At Seven University Colleges In Delhi



The University of Delhi released record thresholds for undergraduate courses on Friday, with seven colleges requesting 100% marks for admitting students into a total of 10 programs. Last year only one college, Lady Shri Ram (LSR), published 100% thresholds for three courses.

In addition, an impressive number of 94 programs across all colleges have their threshold set at 99% or more this year. That’s three times higher than in 2020, when a total of 30 programs across all colleges had cutoffs in that range. Before the pandemic, in 2019, there was only one program in the first list with a threshold of 99%: political science at Hindu College.

To put this in perspective, less than 1% of applicants who have passed the CBSE Board exam this year are eligible to apply for admission to 94 programs on the First List. About 550 CBSE students, out of about 13 lakh, had scored between 495 and 499 out of 500 points this year.

That aside, 40 additional BA program combinations also have thresholds of 99% or more.

While these numbers are unprecedented, they are not surprising. There are around 70,000 undergraduate places in DU, as many as the number of CBSE students who scored over 95% this year (70,004). That is 5.37% of the students who took the exam; last year, only 3.24% of students achieved more than 95% in class 12.

It’s not just CBSE. The pandemic-induced disruption this year has forced several state councils to cancel their Class 12 exams or adopt changes in the assessment method. Class 12 results in many states therefore saw a dramatic improvement in the number of high-scoring applicants. Under Maharashtra State Council, up to 91,420 students achieved over 90%, including 1,372 over 95%. Last year, 7,344 students in Maharashtra scored over 90%. The Kerala State Board of Directors saw 48,333 students score over 90%, up from 18,510 and 14,244 students in 2020 and 2019 respectively. In Tamil Nadu, the State Council had 39,679 students with a score above 95%, compared to 6,354 in 2020 and 931 in 2019.

The inflated school board results allowed DU to receive more than 9,200 requests from 100 percent of different school boards this year. “When we have such a high number of 100% applicants applying, it is inevitable. We had to err on the side of caution because in our system we cannot refuse admission to anyone who has crossed the threshold. Excessive admission would create problems for everyone involved, ”said DU Registrar Vikas Gupta.

The Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) is one of seven colleges that have set its threshold at 100% for the only two courses it offers: Economics and the B.Com (Hons). Last year, the first threshold for these programs was 99% and 99.5%, respectively.

At Hindu College and Ramjas College, the threshold for political science is 100%; it was 99% in both colleges last year. The most substantial increase concerns a combination of the BA program in Ramjas where the requirement has increased from 96% last year to 100% this year; and for B.Com at SGTB Khalsa College – 96.5% in 2020 to 100% this year.

Computer science has a 100% threshold at three colleges – Hansraj, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya, and Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies. These thresholds were respectively 97.25%, 96% and 97% last year. The physics threshold in Ramjas has increased to 100% against 98% in 2020.

Besides the 10 programs, Jesus and Mary College has a 100% mark for psychology this year, but only for those who did not include the subject in their best-of-four calculation. For those who have it, the threshold will be 99%.

On the other hand, LSR, which had 100% cut-offs for political science, psychology, and economics last year, did not claim the perfect mark for those courses this year. The thresholds for all three are 99.75%.

Miranda House, who has been number 1 in the NIRF rankings for five consecutive years, has not asked for 100% in any subject. The highest thresholds in Miranda are in political science (99.75%) and economics (99.5%), both up 0.75 percentage points from last year.

Overall, thresholds have increased in courses and colleges – especially noticeable in off-campus colleges, as leading colleges have maintained high thresholds even in the past.

Of the 94 programs where the threshold is set at 99% or higher, 65 are in arts and commerce disciplines at 20 colleges. This includes 99% for the B.Com (Honors) at Motilal Nehru College, Satyawati College, and Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, and 99% for the BA (Honors) in Political Science at Guru Nanak Khalsa College. In the field of science, there are 29 programs with thresholds of 99% and above in 12 colleges, of which 99% for the B.Sc (Hons) Biomedical Science at Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences and 99% for the B.Sc ( Hons) Mathematics at Maitreyi College.

Most of these higher thresholds are in political science BA (Honors), B.Com (Honors), BA (Honors) in Economics and B.Sc. (Honor) Physics.


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