India News | Over 15,200 Students Gain Admission into Delhi University Colleges in Round 2

New Delhi, Nov 3 (PTI) Over 15,200 students have been admitted to various colleges of Delhi University in the second round of seat allocation, a senior university official said on Thursday.

Of these, 9,439 are those who were awarded places in the first round of admission and later upgraded to their chosen university and course in the second merit list.

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“As many as 15,236 students who have been awarded places on the second list have confirmed their places and submitted fees,” UD Dean of Admissions Haneet Gandhi told PTI.

Admission to the second round of seat allocation is in progress. The university began the admissions process for more than 70,000 places in September.

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In the first round of DU seat allocation, 59,100 candidates were allocated seats. A total of 15,398 candidates confirmed their seats in the first round.

The admissions process, which began on September 12, involves three phases: the first phase was to apply to the university, the second phase was to fill in preferences, and the third phase was to assign seats with admission. .

This year, Delhi University is admitting students through CUET scores instead of their Class 12 scores. On September 12, the university released CSAS, its Admission with Stipend Policy.

Admission through CSAS takes place in three phases – submission of the application form, selection of programs and filling in preferences, and allocation of places and admission.

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