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The JCCC has transfer agreements with over 60 local and regional four-year colleges and universities. Students can get a head start on their bachelor’s degree at JCCC for a fraction of the cost and then take those class credits with them to a four-year school. Although a student’s education begins here, it doesn’t have to end here!

Helpful Transfer Tips

Transferring credits involves careful planning and takes time. Following a few best practices makes it easy for students to start the process.

Prepare in advance

Students should think about transferring their credits early, even during their first semester at the JCCC. Students should think about where they want to go and identify what is important to them, including location, degrees offered, and cost.

It’s also not a bad idea to think about the living conditions and how they might want to be socially and academically involved in the school they eventually want to attend. All of these ideas can help inform a student’s transfer plan.

Help is available

After determining where they want to go, students should meet with a JCCC academic advisor to explore the transfer credit process. The JCCC Student Success Center and our online platform transfer guides also help students understand how to manage transferred credits.

Research is important

Before developing a transfer plan, students should understand the difference between transferring to public/private schools and in-state/out-of-state schools. It is also important for students to know the specific transfer policies and admission and scholarship application deadlines for their chosen schools.

Provide opportunities for academic visits right here on campus

Transferring to a new school can be overwhelming. This is why the JCCC offers students the opportunity to speak with four-year institutions during regular visits from university recruiters. Students can find out how the admissions and transfer process to another college or university on the JCCC campus works. Upcoming events for college recruiters include visits from:

  • St. Mary and MidAmerica Nazarene University – September 12
  • Grand Canyon University – September 13
  • College of Nursing Research – September 14
  • Central Methodist University Online and Missouri Western – September 19
  • K-State and Columbia College? University (?) – September 20
  • Rockhurst University – September 21

Find out which courses are transferable statewide

In addition to on-campus opportunities, there are many online resources to help students research how courses transfer their earned credits to other institutions. The Kansas Board of Regents provides a database with system-wide transfer course information for public colleges and universities in Kansas. It lists specific courses that transfer seamlessly to any public institution in Kansas as an equivalent course in terms of credit hours.

JCCC helps students make informed decisions

Our transfer web pages offer several resources to help students make informed and effective transfer decisions. For additional assistance, JCCC transfer advisors are available to ensure students use credits earned at the JCCC for their next college experience.

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