Letter to the editor: See for yourself what students are learning

I recently retired from Centralia College as a Full Professor of Criminal Justice on March 18 at the age of 63. I have had the privilege of instructing three generations of students during 22 years of unblemished academic service. I had not planned to retire early. Until recently, I had planned to teach for several more years. However, I found myself morally and ethically compelled to sever ties with Centralia College when I realized that a clear majority of current administrators, faculty, and staff now embrace and promote Marxism, critical theory of race, transgender and atheism with students as young as 16 years old. Even more disturbing is the fact that these impressionable young students are being brainwashed into accepting and embracing these radical political beliefs and sexual lifestyles as the “new normal” of our culture under the false pretense of justice, fairness, diversity and inclusion.

Anthropology students are required to watch graphic and disturbing videos of gender reassignment surgery in class. History and political science students are told, “If you want to be more like Jesus, you will become a communist. English composition students are assigned essays on topics such as “Who would you like to kill and why?” A student I know failed an English composition essay he wrote about his Christian upbringing. When he asked his teacher how to improve his grade, she told him, “Go ask your God how you can get a better grade.” Chemistry teachers spend time in class discussing witchcraft, sorcery and incest as depicted in the TV series “Game of Thrones” with their students. The list of inappropriate behaviors and classroom practices that regularly occur at Centralia College is staggering.

Additionally, the few remaining faculty members on campus who are moderately conservative now believe they are being targeted for elimination. Their belief is well-founded by the fact that senior administrators continue to hire left-leaning vice presidents and deans from outside Lewis County while many qualified people reside locally. The current board has done nothing to stem these inexplicable management and hiring decisions.

My purpose in writing this letter is to sound the alarm and call for action. I implore anyone who has children or grandchildren enrolled in Centralia College to discuss these issues with them. Ask probing questions. Discuss these concerns with your friends, colleagues, neighbors and clergy. Find out for yourself what your child’s teachers are actually teaching them. I am convinced that once you discover the degree of political, sexual, and atheistic brainwashing and preparation your children are subjected to on a daily basis, you will pull your student out of college, demand new administrators and leaders, or both.

Gregory Gilberton

Naples, Florida

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