Mangaluru University College students mount the portrait of Veer Savarkar in a classroom, then removed

The University College administration was left red-faced after a video showing a couple of students mounting a picture of Veer Savarkar in a college classroom started making the rounds on social media. The photo would have been taken down later.

The incident allegedly happened in a college classroom here on Monday evening and was discovered much later. According to sources, a few students brought portraits of Bharat Mata and Savarkar and put them above the blackboard. The incident was brought to the principal’s attention by another group of students. On Tuesday morning, the principal notified the students and then removed the photo.

Some students had uploaded the images of the photo to social media, which were shared by several people.

The director, Dr. Anasuya, reportedly warned the students for mounting the photo without permission. The students were also forced to issue a written apology for uploading the video to social media and thereby violating college discipline.

Condemning the incident, Dakshin Kannada Youth Congress General Secretary Ismail BS sought to find out who allowed the students to post the photo.

“It’s an attempt to create a conspiracy. The college authorities should act against the students. It is necessary to investigate who provokes the students…Mahatma Gandhi is our role model. The Department of Education should issue a circular indicating which portraits can be mounted in educational institutions,” he said.

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