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Mansfield, PA – Thanks to contributions from the First Citizens Community Bank and the Citizens and Northern (C&N) Bank, the University of Mansfield will begin offering its tuition-free Early Start program to residents of Pennsylvania starting in the fall 2021.

“We are very fortunate to have such supportive community partners as First Citizens and C&N Bank in our region,” said Dr John M. Ulrich, President and Vice President of Academic Affairs at Mansfield.

“Our community partners are firmly committed, as is our university, to providing affordable access to higher education for high school students here in the northern part and elsewhere in our Commonwealth. Together we can ensure that students have the opportunity to start early on their college education while still in high school. “

First Citizens committed $ 50,000 and C&N $ 20,000 to support the Early Start program.

Dr Ulrich also announced that high school students who enroll in Mansfield’s Early Start program during the fall or spring semester of their final year will automatically receive general admission to the university. Some university study programs may require additional application materials for review.

Mansfield’s Early Start (ESP) program allows qualified high school students to enroll in faculty-taught courses at Mansfield University, via face-to-face or online courses, and earn college credits while still in high school.

The program has grown significantly since its inception in 2018. From just five school district partners and 32 enrolled high school students, the University now has agreements with over 40 school district partners, and over the course of of the spring semester 2021, the University has enrolled more than 200 high school students.

While the University already offered a tuition discount to its ESP students, the generous support of First Citizens Community Bank and C&N Bank will now subsidize the remainder of the fees so there will be no tuition fees for the student.

In addition, the University recently added another ESP option for students in the form of a concurrent enrollment pilot program, allowing high school students to take Mansfield University courses taught by qualified high school teachers. on site in their school.

Secondary school teachers must first be approved by the relevant faculty at Mansfield University.

Currently, the University has concurrent enrollment agreements with a limited set of northern districts, including Athens, Northern Tioga, Southern Tioga, Troy, and Wellsboro.

Students enrolled in such concurrent enrollment courses will also have their tuition fees subsidized, so that there will be no tuition fees for the students.

For more information on Mansfield Early Start Program.

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