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NAGPUR: With Nagpur University (NU) exams due to start on March 25, many students from its affiliated colleges are forced to sit for them without proper studies, due to the lack of teachers.
According to academics, some colleges did not appoint contributing teachers during the 2020-21 academic session, citing the Covid-19 pandemic. Citing the example of a government-run college, they said for a few subjects it had not appointed a contributing teacher after the previous one retired last year.
“No online course had been organized for these subjects since July-August, the date of the start of the academic sessions, but the college administration had the students fill out the exam forms. The NU administration does not monitor this important aspect either. If not even a single class has taken place, how are students asked to take the exams? Is this allowed under the existing rules? ” they said.
They added that if students were allowed to sit for NU exams on a self-study basis in the absence of teachers, the rule for mandatory appointment of teachers should be relaxed.
Endorsing them, NU statutory members said this was endemic in lesser-known private colleges, especially in rural areas or those outside city limits. “Without proper control, these wandering colleges manipulate not only teacher appointments, but student attendance as well,” they said.
Members added: “The majority of NU colleges run courses on a contributing teacher basis and have not bothered to appoint a regular NU approved lecturer. Since all classes were held online last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many of them didn’t bother to appoint speakers to avoid paying them a salary. ”
NU’s Review and Assessment Board (BOEE) director Prafulla Sable could not be reached for comment on the academics’ claims. Senior NU officials said they would investigate and take action against the lost colleges if they failed to name the contributing teachers.
More 2.60L students to appear for NU exams
Speaking to TOI on Friday, the director of BOEE said more than 2.60 lakh students will take the NU exams from March 25. Among them, 2.30 lakh are undergraduates and 32,000 are postgraduates. “Unlike summer 2020, students would not have a choice, because they must solve the 40 multiple choice questions (MCQ) of two points each in one hour. The last time their program was not finished, but now all the colleges have completed it through online education, ”he said.
He clarified that colleges were responsible for organizing postgraduate exams at the same time as those for external students. “Even for UG courses where the number of students is less than 100, their respective colleges would keep their papers and submit grades to NU. We will keep copies of their questions with us and monitor their exams on a regular basis, ”said Sable.
Winter exams in numbers
2.3 lakh – UG candidates
32,000 – PG candidates
2.60 lakh – Total number of students
40 – Questions in each article
2 – Points per MCQ question
1 – Duration of one hour for all papers


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