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Earlier in March, another group of students approached the vice-chancellor’s office at Mumbai University with a similar request, but got no official response.

The National Union of Students of India (NSUI) on Sunday called on the Vice Chancellor of the University of Mumbai to order all affiliated colleges to reimburse or adjust the resource fees collected for the academic year 2020-21, citing the financial constraints faced by students due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This category includes the costs of library, laboratory, gymkhana, sports and cultural activities, among others.

“The pandemic has left an unwanted impact on all income sectors, creating a financial crisis in many families. Higher education institutes should offer reduced fees to students in such periods, ”the letter said. NSUI also shared copies of fee receipts to highlight that students were charged for unused resources / facilities by several colleges in Mumbai and the surrounding area despite classes and exams being held online.

Earlier in March, another group of students approached the vice-chancellor’s office with a similar request, but got no official response from the university.

“In several cases, despite warnings from higher authorities, several higher education institutes have demanded full tuition fees from students, thus increasing the financial burden on their families,” said Faisal Shaikh, NSUI member in Mumbai. He added that the union will also try to meet with the vice-chancellor to push forward the demand.

Not only the students, but many affiliated colleges have also contacted the University of Mumbai for refunds. Last year in November, the Association of Non-Government Colleges (ANGC) demanded reimbursement of 60% of the exam fees it paid to the university, citing “increased expenses” due to teaching and exams having moved online.

“Students think that just because they haven’t used the college campus the fees should be reduced, but they don’t understand how universities are spending more money by investing in digital platforms and making sure that all exams take place online. We only charge the costs necessary for the proper functioning of the institute, ”said the director of a college in South Mumbai.

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