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CEDARVILLE, OHIO, Feb. 15 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ohio State is piloting a new criminal justice program unprecedented in the United States, and Cedarville University is at the heart of this historic development.

The College to Law Enforcement Pathway program, which accepted its first enrollees in early 2022, exists to create a pool of pre-qualified, college-educated, and mentored candidates for Ohio law enforcement.

The program was first introduced last year by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, and is a byproduct of the governor’s implementation of the Office of Law Enforcement Recruiting. DeWine asked Dr. Patrick Oliver, director of Cedarville University’s criminal justice program, to act as the lead consultant for the state office and the new university program.

This elite honors program will be piloted at Cedarville University and Central State University over the upcoming spring and fall semesters. The program, which includes 11 first-class students, will be open to qualified upper-class criminal justice majors, and participants will be guaranteed employment with a partner law enforcement agency upon graduation. diploma.

Dr. Patrick Oliver speaks to the media at the press conference where Governor Mike DeWine announced the College to Law Enforcement Pathway program. (Photo: Mark D. Weinstein, University of Cedarville)

“Students graduating from this rigorous professional development program will have great potential to become Ohio’s next generation of law enforcement officials,” Governor DeWine said. “At a time when many law enforcement agencies are struggling to recruit highly qualified candidates, this program will create a pool of pre-qualified candidates with a strong understanding of criminal justice issues and the know-how to build positive relationships within their communities.”

One of the students in the program is Will Geist from Cedarville University.

Geist, of Springfield, Ohio, hopes his participation in the program will help him achieve his long-term career goals of serving in law enforcement in his home state.

“I’m excited about all the preparation I’ll be getting — fitness, coaching and mentorship,” Geist said. “Knowing that I am progressing professionally and will have a job right after graduation is such a benefit.”

Currently piloted by Cedarville University and Central State University, the program welcomes qualified upper-class criminal justice majors with a minimum 3.0 GPA, a track record of compliance with the program’s six core values ​​– integrity, service orientation, human relations skills, team compatibility, performance – conduct and self-control – and professor’s recommendations for completing a pre-application.

Applicants who pass the pre-application stage begin a vetting process that includes a background investigation, polygraph, and psychological exams; fitness training and testing; an oral interview; career assessment; medical exam; attendance verification; and faculty affirmation that the candidate has lived the core values ​​of the program.

Following this verification process, a student is fully accepted into the program. They will continue with bi-weekly professional development workshops, physical training, police cruiser rides and officer mentoring.

Students graduating from the program are guaranteed a position with one of the participating Ohio law enforcement agencies, including the Fairfield Township Police Department, Columbus and Franklin County Metropolitan Parks, the Department Hilliard Police Department, the Lebanon Police Department, and the Ohio State University Police Department. Other agencies are expected to start participating in the program.

“This program is a win-win-win,” said Olivier. “College students are trained, supervised and guaranteed a job; police departments get top-quality hires, and participating universities have a distinctive honors program that places their criminal justice majors in post-college jobs.

Working with Governor DeWine and the Ohio Office of Law Enforcement Recruiting (OLER) is critical to the success of this program.

“We surveyed more than 60 law enforcement agencies in Ohio about recruiting, and one of the biggest issues across the board was the difficulty in finding quality candidates, in especially women and minorities,” explained Oliver.

In response to this need, Governor DeWine created OLER to help Ohio agencies recruit, screen, and retain law enforcement officers.

“I thought to myself, ‘We can’t manage the law enforcement screening process, but we can identify, screen, and develop candidates that we’ll make available to agencies for hire,'” Oliver explained. “That idea led to the program, which we see as addressing those needs through leadership development and mentorship.”

The program maintains remarkable rigor throughout its duration – applicants can be eliminated at any time if they fail to meet the benchmarks – but the benefits it includes make it attractive to potential applicants.

Located in southwestern Ohio, Cedarville University is an accredited, Christ-centered Baptist institution with an enrollment of 4,715 undergraduate, graduate, and online students in more than 150 subject areas. ‘studies. Founded in 1887, Cedarville is one of Ohio’s largest private universities, nationally recognized for its authentic Christian community, rigorous academic programs, including the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice program, strong graduation and retention rates, accredited health science and professional offerings, and high student engagement rankings. For more information about the University, visit cedarville.edu.


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