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Only half of current students (55%) agree the education they receive is worth their tuition, even after vaccines have made in-person learning increasingly possible over the past year. the new search from Qualtrics (Nasdaq: XM) also reveals a disconnect between students and administrators when it comes to student satisfaction with the social aspects of college. Seventy-eight percent of administrators say students are satisfied with their social experience, while only 58% of students say they are.

More … than 1 million fewer students are enrolled in US colleges this school year than in 2019—an ongoing enrollment crisis that is forcing institutions to invest in ensuring students feel included, heard, and understood.

Students who feel their school understands what is important to them report higher levels of satisfaction with their school. Students who feel understood have 41 percentage points higher levels of satisfaction (89% vs. 48%) with their school experience, as well as 24 percentage points higher levels of satisfaction (67% vs. %) with regard to their social experience.

A fulfilling social life, which involves feelings of inclusion and well-being, is key to the overall student experience. Only 61% of students are satisfied with their social life and only 59% say they feel connected to their peers at their institution.

Students who say their institution understands what is important to them also report feeling supported by school staff, faculty, and leaders at significantly higher rates. Among students who say their school understands them, 83% agree that school leaders care about them. But of students who said their school doesn’t understand what’s important to them, only 37% agree that leaders care.

“To provide the best possible student experience, higher education leaders must not only provide regular opportunities for feedback across all channels, but also show that they are listening and actually using that feedback to make improvements. tangible throughout the student journey, at the institutional and individual level,” said Omar Garriott, global head of education at Qualtrics. “Our research shows that student satisfaction is directly linked to a sense of belonging and having their voice heard. Opportunities abound for schools to continue to prioritize student experience and develop feeling programs put in place during the pandemic.

Students who say their institution understands what is important to them report higher levels of satisfaction:

Students who say their institution understands what is important to them

Students who say their institution does not understand what is important to them

Accept that they have the opportunity to give their opinion



Accept that their voice is heard when they give their opinion



Are satisfied with their academic experience



Are satisfied with their social experience



Are satisfied with their overall experience




This study was conducted between January 27, 2022 and February 8, 2022. Respondents were identified through a panel and considered eligible if they live in the United States, are at least 18 years old, and are currently registered in a college or bachelor’s degree. program. Respondents who did not meet the quality standards were removed. The total number of respondents is 1,009.

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