Patriot Bank Scholarship Luncheon Celebrates Commitment to Housatonic Community College Students

Bridgeport, CT – On Tuesday, May 3, Patriot Bank executives visited Housatonic Community College (HCC) for a scholarship luncheon with HCC executives and Patriot Bank scholars. For the past five years, Patriot Bank has supported high-achieving, low-income HCC students with scholarships.

Over lunch, students shared personal stories of how the scholarships have made a significant difference in their lives.

“Over the past year, I have been able to complete 32 credits through the Patriot Bank Scholarship. Originally, I could only afford three to six credits per semester. Thanks to the scholarship, I was able to advance at a faster pace,” said HCC student Corina. “For me, time is running out as I approach adulthood. The scholarship gave me the opportunity to learn subjects that I dreamed of learning, and I added other skills to my list I dream of one day getting my PhD in Psychology after getting a Masters in Counseling, I want to help people deal with stress and the many emotional issues we face today.

Patriot Bank leaders conveyed the company’s dedication to social responsibility, particularly its community support values ​​and commitment to Housatonic Community College scholars.

“Patriot Bank recognizes the great accomplishments and needs of these scholars. We believe our contributions as a partner of Housatonic Community College demonstrate our commitment to this community and our belief in a new generation of scholars,” said Judith Corprew, Patriot Bank EVP, Chief Compliance, Risk and CRA Officer, as well as Housatonic Community College Foundation. (HCCF) Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.

In 2020, Patriot Bank forged a financial literacy partnership with HCC through the creation of a co-branded financial literacy website, workshops and educational panels. Innovative financial literacy website – – offers tools to help students take control of their financial lives, including articles and videos on budgeting, paying off debt, saving , credit and investment. Patriot Bank also offers a convenient ATM on the HCC campus.

“We are deeply grateful for Patriot Bank’s continued support of Housatonic students,” said Kristy Jelenik, Executive Director of the Housatonic Community College Foundation. “Their scholarships and support from their financial literacy program help create a brighter future for Housatonic Scholars, their families, and the wider community.”

HCCF assists Housatonic Community College and its students by expanding access to quality, affordable higher education and workforce development training. They do this through a strong scholarship program, equity programs that support marginalized students, emergency aid, book funds, and more.

To visit to learn more about Housatonic Community College, and to learn more about the HCC Foundation. To learn more about Patriot Bank, please visit

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