PCC creates scholarship for high school students to take college courses leading to associate’s degree without tuition


WINTERVILLE, NC – Pitt Community College created a scholarship to give students taking college courses while still in high school the opportunity to earn an associate’s degree without tuition.

On Monday, CCP administrators announced the creation of the Bulldog Promise scholarship program, which will provide participants with four semesters of community college tuition free of tuition. Eligibility is limited to Pitt County public, private, and home school students who have completed Career and College Promise (CCP) courses at the PCC and are about to graduate from high school.

According to Dr. Tom Gould, vice president of academic affairs and student development services at PCC, students must have completed 12 program credits or four program courses at PCC to be considered for the Bulldog Promise program. He added that they must intend to enroll in Pitt in the fall semester after high school graduation, maintain at least a 2.0 GPA and pass 67% of CCP courses. that they follow to the CCP.

“The Bulldog Promise Scholarship Program is an incredible opportunity for Career and College Promise students to continue the education they started at Pitt Community College at no cost to themselves or their family,” said Gould. “It’s a chance to get an associate’s degree for free. “

For more information visit pittcc.edu/bulldogpromise, or contact Brian Jones, Assistant Vice President of CCP Registration Services, at [email protected] or (252) 493-7867.

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