Praise for Summa College Courses

Photo credit: Hub Dohmen / Summa College / Studio040

Summa College is the best ROC (regional education center) in the south of the Netherlands. This is the conclusion of the ‘Keuzegids’ (choice guide). According to the guide, the Eindhoven Educational Institute offers ten top courses, including the Rock City Institute and the Metal Factory.

For the sixth time in a row, these studies have been voted the best MBO (secondary vocational education) music courses in the Netherlands. Team leader Johan van Stratum says it sounds like a token of appreciation for the innovative education the school is trying to deliver.

Prepare for the future

The director of Summa Laboratories, Willy Ickenroth, is also enthusiastic about the result of “De Keuzegids”. Three study programs from his department are in the lead. “With our internship companies, we try to give our students the best possible training, which will prepare them for the future, but which they will also be able to review with pleasure.”

Also at Summa ICT, the flag flies and the director of Summa Veiligheid (Security), Evy Loos, says that such an assessment is a good incentive to continue to develop. “Especially in these particular times, the profession of execution has proven to be difficult,” Loos said.

Quality label

An ROC educational institution is an organization that offers various secondary vocational education. Because Summa College is in the top three in Noord Brabant and Limburg, the institution receives a so-called “seal of quality”.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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