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Life has its ups and downs. There are situations in life when everything is on top and you feel completely invincible. But there are also other situations when you feel that you are not as much on top. Then there are those situations when you are really vulnerable and neither your health nor financial situation is the best. has more details

Unfortunately, it can happen that you become ill and it is often the case that a serious illness appears from nowhere and strikes hard on you and your family. In these situations it is not easy to keep your mood up. It may also be that the Swedish healthcare system cannot help you in the way you expected. It is quite certain that you will get help, but it may take time. You may endure a long period where you are disabled and unable to work before it is your turn in the queue. However, you know that there is care to get abroad but that care is very expensive.

What you can do in such a difficult situation is take out a private loan to help you out of your predicament. Private loans are a type of loan taken for consumption. It can be about anything connected to consumption such as clothing, travel, education, appliances, electronics, healthcare and much more. When you take out a private loan, you usually do not need to explain what you are going to spend your money on and that is the good thing about a private loan. That you can spend the money you want.

Long without security

When you take out a private loan, you lend unsecured. This is a big difference compared to when you take a loan for a house, a car, a summer cottage or a boat for example and use the property you buy as collateral for the loan. When you use collateral for a loan, it means that the company that gives you the loan can take back the property that you have pledged as collateral for the loan if you do not manage your payments.

The fact that you can borrow without collateral is one of the great advantages of a private loan, that you do not need to provide a collateral for the loan. You can take out a private loan without having to worry about what might happen to any of your properties in the future.

Private loans can be small or large – long or short

Private loans can be small or large - long or short

Nowadays there are small or large private loans in the market and they can extend over long periods. The smallest private loans offered are in just a few thousand dollars and then it is usual that you have to repay the loan within just a few months. But it can also be that you take out a loan for the entire six hundred thousand SEK and that the loan extends over fifteen years. This means private loans can be taken for very small expenses that you have as you currently lack money to pay these small expenses.

But you can also take private loans for very large expenses you have and then repay the loan over a very long time. Large expenses, for example, may be medical care abroad.

Creditworthiness for taking private loans

Creditworthiness for taking private loans

To take out a private loan, you need a certain credit rating. This credit rating is about three things. These are your existing loans, your income and how you handled previous payment obligations.

Your credit rating will be checked by the lender – the bank or the credit institution – before you can get your loan application approved. This check is done by the lender making a so-called credit report on you. A credit report is sometimes also called UC which comes from the name of a well-known company, Upplysningscentralen, which works with credit information.

When it comes to your existing debt, these may not be so large that it is likely that you will not be able to pay off the new loan you are applying for. This can be considered obvious for most people, but it is easy to forget for the borrower and who has become accustomed to their old debts when the payments on these float on without any problems. It can also be easy to forget that mortgages are also included in this loan even though it is now a private loan that you take.

Your income must also be large enough for you to be able to meet the interest, fees and repayments that come with the new loan. Normally, you must have income from employment, pension, sickness benefit or any other form of income that is considered stable in order for you to borrow. It can be difficult for small self-employed people, the unemployed and students to take out loans.

Companies that provide private loans for healthcare

Companies that provide private loans for healthcare

After finding out that you meet the requirements for a private loan, it is up to you to find a company that can give you this private loan. Fortunately, there are a lot of companies on the market that offer private loans and that is of course good for you. The best thing you can do is go out on the internet and look for lenders for private loans.

There are hundreds of companies that provide private loans so it may take some time for you to find the ones that suit you but it may be worth the effort to find the right company. You should also look for some references on the company so that you do not end up with a company that has fine-tuned terms that allow you to feel cheated after taking out the loan.

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