San Diego board votes to demand vaccine for all students and staff


If postponed, the vote will make the vaccination of college workers, journeymen and contractors mandatory by December 20. The student schedule will likely be staggered based primarily on the age of FDA approval.

SAN DIEGO – The San Diego Unified Education Council will vote on building mandatory vaccinations for all eligible students and district workers on Tuesday at a scheduled meeting.

If surrendered, the district would be part of the University Districts of Los Angeles and Oakland that have already completed a vaccination warrant.

According to an email sent by the district to households, “About 65% of all eligible students and 80% of eligible employees are already at least partially vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, according to the San Diego County Immunization Registry. “

The Board of Directors recommends that all employees, companions, contractors and various adults who work in direct contact with students and employees of academic institutions be fully vaccinated before December 20, 2021.

The board may also recommend its immunization roadmap, “a phased approach to vaccinate all eligible students against COVID-19, as a condition of attending an in-person learning”. The particular timeline for age teams will likely be aligned with full FDA approval.

The college board chairman said he had heard every side of the controversy over whether or not to implement a vaccine mandate. On the eve of the vote, he mentioned that the board will do what it considers safest for academics and staff.

“How do we keep our students and staff safe? And by the way, how do we keep our students and staff in school? It’s just not a good situation to have the instability of having to send people home to quarantine, ”said Richard Barrera, chairman of the San Diego Unified School District board of directors.

As part of the plan, the district will still require mandatory testing for all unvaccinated students until their age group receives full FDA approval.

“As a pediatrician, I won’t talk about the ethics of obligatory vaccines, but I will tell you about the outcome of vaccinating so many more people, and that outcome is excellent,” Dr Howard Taras said. , pediatrician advise. to the San Diego Unified School District who mentioned they were helping the concept of what LAUSD was doing after the announcement was made in early September.

“Those who are not vaccinated are so much more susceptible to this,” Taras said.

Los Angeles Unified has approximately 600,000 students and is the largest public college district in California. San Diego Unified has approximately 120,000 students.

San Diego Unified says the following if you would like to be part of the meeting:

Members of the general public who wish to present public testimony should, by 1:00 p.m. on the day of the council meeting, submit a web type here, name the Office of Council Services at (619) 725-5550, or return a “Form of Request for Public Evidence ”to the Council Action Officer prior to the start of the meeting for public testimony not on the agenda. For agenda items, requests for public testimony will not be accepted once the board begins the dialogue on agenda items. Hearings are limited to a maximum of twenty minutes per subject, allowing a maximum of ten minutes per opposing point of view, and with a maximum of three minutes per speaker and based on the aggregate of speaker requests obtained on a commodity, the time could also be reduced to two or one minute every. No postponement of time is allowed. The chair of the board will announce the time allotted to each speaker before the board hears the testimony of the general public. The Council asks that the audio system concentrate its comments on points and never on people.

The Zoom hyperlink can be found here.

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