Separation from Parents: 4 Ways to Cope for Students

Leaving parents and home to live in a totally new place with strangers or just another city is not easy for anyone. Even teenagers who supposedly (or really) hate living with their parents and can’t wait to move are not stress-proof.

Plus, when you’re moving to attend college, there’s a whole host of new tasks to do. The stress is overwhelming and it can be hard to focus on anything other than your thoughts or your desire to get home. Most of the time, students have to face a new reality where they have to control a lot more things than before. Thus, knowing the coping mechanisms is crucial, and in this article, we will share the most effective ones!

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Don’t try to tear off the bandage

Starting to ignore your parents after moving to a separate dorm or apartment is not an effective way to show your independence. It will probably only add to your stress. The same goes for trying to fully immerse yourself in college life from the earliest days. Walking a fine line is important at this stage so that you gradually adapt to life without your parents and to the new surroundings. So, make new acquaintances and develop new habits, but don’t immediately abandon old ones.

For example, you can still ask your mom or dad for help with homework, just like you used to. Of course, at university you will have a lot more tasks to manage than usual, so sometimes it will be more efficient to search nursing essay help from EssayHub instead of calling your parents and discussing the problem.

Still, if you’re just lacking inspiration or ideas, you can always call them, explain the problem and ask for help with homework, just like the good old days. Even if you grew up to be able to live apart from them, they will always be happy to help you.

Respect the traditions you had when you lived in the same house. Whether it’s lunch together on Saturday or going to the movies every weekend, stick to this routine, at least at first. Even if you are away from home, you can make a call online and watch a movie together. Such things will help make the transition smooth and less stressful.

Photo by MChe Lee on Unsplash

Photo by MChe Lee on Unsplash

Spend quality time with your parents

When you visit them (which may be a rare case), try not to always sit at home or eat out. Take part in outdoor activities or play board games, whichever suits you. Create new memories.

Make sure you free up enough time to visit your loved ones and spend time with them. You may need to look for a medical school personal statement writing service As trial service to find a reliable expert who will take care of some of your assignments while you are away. Still, it’s worth your money. Instead of being in a hurry and thinking about all kinds of tasks, you can enjoy your free time.

Set a schedule or get a planner

When you have a lot to do, one of the first things that probably pops into your mind are memories from your childhood. Most things used to be taken care of by your parents, but now it’s your job. Even if your parents prepare you for an independent life, in practice, there are many things to stumble upon.

In order to keep track of all chores and tasks, consider:

  • get a planner
  • creating a schedule
  • use calendar notifications

It may seem boring at first, but in the end, you won’t have to keep your every responsibility in mind.


Finally, it is not only a question of staying in contact with one’s parents but also of blending into the new environment. Sticking to the past never works. And this is the hardest thing you will have to face: living at home with your parents on an ongoing basis is no longer the reality.

It is therefore essential to discover new things, to exchange with peers, to participate in team projects, etc. These days, all of this is possible for even the stiffest introverts thanks to online communication. And for the rest, there are other advantages like parties and student trips. So make sure you don’t miss your chance!


There is nothing wrong with longing for your parents and your home, even if you have long dreamed of changing your life and environment and making new friends. For some students this process seems natural, but others may be so afraid of change that they begin to try to return to their roots, abandoning their goals and development. The tips we have shared in this article will work for these people. So if you are one of them, be sure to try some of the recommendations!

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