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NAGPUR: Dozens of Nagpur University (NU) students are in a dilemma as a few colleges are reportedly forcing them to sit for offline exams amid the growing number of Covid-19 cases and deaths. They have taken up the issue on social media in a big way, asking UN officials to order their principals not to force them to take exams offline.
The aggrieved students, especially postgraduates, external students and late students, claimed colleges are also urging them to fill out forms, pay exam fees and submit practice worksheets.
Others offering a residential engineering program said many of them were from other states and cities and it would be very difficult for them to come to Nagpur just for exams and risk their lives. “Even our parents are afraid to send us. Even if we were asked to stay in hostels inside the campus, the teachers would come every day putting them at risk of contracting the disease. In the hostels we use shared toilets and even in the mess we sit together which is again risky, ”they said.
Coming to their support, the Maharashtra Students Welfare Association (MSWA) has warned colleges to lodge a complaint with Chancellor BS Koshyari, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and Minister of Higher and Technical Education Uday Samant if they force the candidates to take the exams from their premises.
“When the minister has made it clear that all university exams should be held online, there is no point in calling them to colleges under these conditions. Who will vouch for their safety? asked MSWA President Vaibhav Edke.
Endorsing him, activist and social influencer Shashank Gattewar said NU should take tough action against these stray colleges for putting students’ lives at risk. “Also last year, one of these institutes made the offline posting of students mandatory. It was only after the issue was raised in the media that they changed their decision. ”
Board of Examinations and Evaluation (BOEE) director Prafulla Sable said the UN circular made it clear that all colleges must take exams online through Google forms or other platforms. “It is impossible for students to reach the examination center during curfew. Students should clearly say no to colleges if they are pushing them for offline articles in this situation. We will investigate the students’ allegations, ”he said.
Asked colleges not to invite students: VC
Vice-Chancellor Subhash Chaudhari told TOI that colleges are clearly required to write online documents for all students and only those, especially in rural areas where connectivity is the issue, can opt for the mode. offline. He said he contacted one of the colleges and asked them not to invite students until the current crisis is over. “They told me that they only called the failing students to sit for the practical exams. But after my call, they agreed to do it all online.
The VC said the situation was not conducive to offline articles and colleges should allow students to take exams from their homes. “I am going to talk to the officials of the colleges concerned on this issue. In case the practice is essential, they can postpone them until the current situation returns to normal, ”he added.


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