Students can download a book on climate change for free


Bill Gates wants more students to read his latest book, so he’s letting them do it for free.

For the remainder of this week, students can download a free digital copy of Gates’ best-selling book, “How to Avoid Climate Catastrophe: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need,” the billionaire Microsoft co-founder . wrote in a blog post on Monday.

In his 384-page book, which debuted on the New York Times non-fiction bestseller list in February 2021, Gates addresses the climate crisis while suggesting ways to research and innovate in green technologies to help prevent a global disaster.

Now, the book is available for download from Gates’ personal blog, GatesNotes. Students must provide their email address and the name of their school to download Gates’ book as an “.epub” file for e-reading applications, according to a press release.

In his article, Gates wrote that the passion he sees in young people fighting climate change is “one of the main reasons” he wrote the book in the first place.

“Young people hold their governments accountable and insist that they commit to eliminating their carbon emissions,” Gates wrote. “As a result, they make those commitments. Now what we need is a plan to reach zero. [carbon emissions]. This is what I put forward in my book. “

The exact end date of the offer was not made clear in the press release or on GatesNotes, which did not immediately respond to CNBC Make It’s request for clarification.

Gates grabbed the headlines recently, from his recent high-profile divorce to reports he resigned from Microsoft’s board last year over an affair with an employee.

That hasn’t stopped the billionaire philanthropist from promoting his book, which makes proposals to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions worldwide by 2050, including by developing new zero-emission energy technologies and reducing the costs of some existing renewable energy sources.

The book also includes recommendations for the average person, such as grassroots activism and using your purchasing power to buy sustainable products.

“Achieving zero emissions will be the hardest thing people have ever done,” Gates wrote on his blog. But, he added, he believes in the enthusiasm of young people, who will “have to play a special role” to meet this challenge.

“In my experience, they are the ones who have the most new ideas and the most energy to pursue them,” Gates wrote.

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