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STUDENTS in half of the A-Level subjects studied at Bracknell and Wokingham College achieved a 100% pass rate when results were released on Thursday August 18.

Cheri Ashby, Deputy Managing Director of Activate Learning, said: “I want to send a big congratulations to everyone who passed their A-Levels today and got the grades they need to take the next step in their career journey. that they chose.

“I know there are a number of students with offers from some of the best universities in the country and I am incredibly proud of all the hard work they have put in over the past two years to get where they are.

“What our students have accomplished today is nothing short of amazing, considering the disruption they have experienced in their education during the pandemic.”

The Complementary Mathematics department maintained a pass rate of 100% for the fourth consecutive year, 4% above the national average from 2018/19.

The biology department maintained its 100% pass rate for the second straight year, 6% above the pre-pandemic national average.

Physics students also achieved a 100% pass rate, with history students achieving 93%.

The college‘s top performer was Natasha Wheeler who received three A*s in biology, chemistry, and math.

She completed her A-Levels in middle school after moving, having originally started them in school.

Natasha said: “I am very happy. I had a great time in college. I joined in September when we moved to the area. Adjusting to studying here was much easier than I thought, as everyone was so nice and welcoming.

“Thank you to all my teachers who supported me a lot and watched me regularly. I hope I miss them.

“I am very excited to go to Oxford University to study medicine and train to become a doctor.”

Lizzy Hatherley earned an A* in math and B grades in physics and additional math.

She will study a masters in mathematics and physics at the University of Surrey, with aspirations of becoming a researcher in astrophysics or nuclear physics.

Lizzy said, “I’m very happy with my grade in math. I thought I would have done better in maths but I have my place in university, so too bad.

“I’m quite nervous about going to college because it’s a big change, but I’m excited to study what interests me the most.”

Leah Waughman got an A in biology, a B in chemistry and a B in math

and will study biological sciences at the University of Brighton.

Leah said, “I’m really happy with my results, especially in biology, because that’s what matters to me the most.

“I’m really looking forward to going to college. I’m a little nervous, but it will be a good decision for me.

Ellie Wingfield earned B grades in math and additional math.

She will return to Bracknell and Wokingham College in September to study A-level physics on an accelerated basis.

Ellie said: “I’m happy with my results. I did much better than I thought.

“The teaching was really good. I had Bal and Richard, who were both really good. I could go to them when I needed or get in touch with them by email. They were really helpful.

“Doing A-level physics here will be tough, but I’ll get through it.”

The college is also there to help students who did not get the results they wanted.

Ms Ashby said: “‘Unfortunately some of our pupils did not do as well as expected today. For these students, we will work with them to find a solution

and make sure they are able to progress towards something they want to do.

“We will also be offering our support to students from other schools and colleges who may not have done as well as expected, as we want to ensure that every young

no one realizes their potential.

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