Teachers protest hiring freeze at some Delhi University colleges | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: Following a circular from the University of Delhi (DU) regarding the freezing of college appointments with official principals, several sections of the teaching community have written to Vice Chancellor Yogesh Singh asking for a review of the decision .
Teachers said the move would affect all stakeholders and negatively affect the teacher and student communities. In a letter to Singh, Academics for Action and Development (AAD) said: “(Relevant ordinances) state that an acting principal or officer shall ‘act as principal’ in the event of a casual vacancy in the post of principal. Consequently, appointments are authorized as and when required, even in the case of interims or officiating holders of the chair. Since they fulfill all the other functions of the principal, in accordance with the statutes and rules, such a selective ban by the administration seems unnecessary.
Highlighting issues such as a ‘recruitment crisis’, the teaching corps said: ‘The freezing of the appointments process is somehow linked to the staggering of academic sessions and is a way to reduce the financial burden on the government , which is in line with the new education policy. .” However, stakeholders from all relevant colleges are suffering, he added. The freeze “will lead to the unavailability of teachers at affected colleges, forcing students to complete their courses through MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses) and other online learning platforms. It is a way of supporting and creating a favorable environment for the entry of MOOCs under NEP, which is currently hidden.
The AAD requested the VC to take appropriate measures to allow the colleges to continue to exercise their functions devolved to them by the university statutes, without any interruption.

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