The Guide: college courses, first week of preparation

It’s the first time you walk into class in a room full of students you don’t know, with an instructor who might intimidate you – it’s a rollercoaster of emotions. Maybe you’re staring at the neatly organized binder in front of you or observing every detail of the program on the board. Whatever the situation, welcome to your first semester of college classes. There are many things you can do to prepare for your class or program structure.

The first step concerning a college syllabus:

• Print the syllabus if it is not given to you.

• Browse through grading section, late work acceptance policy, attendance, final test or assignment topic, etc.

• If the course requires Google Docs, create a folder just for that course. As a result, all of your work is in one place in case you need to review material or be used for a project.

• A student, Junior Paulina Cruz, remarked: “To prepare for university courses, I would make sure to know my resources like Moodle, Webassign for mathematics.

Second, the all-important timeline:

• Write down due dates on an online calendar or a physical calendar, whichever works best for you.

• The color coding makes it possible to differentiate each class. Cruz says, “I’ll have my binder organized [with] color coding: English pink, history/Spanish yellow, psychology purple.

• Write down the days and times of your lessons. If you have difficulty with the work or need to ask questions, note the times your instructor can work with you (email/in person) or any lab sessions.

• Some instructors give you information about tutoring websites, resources, or campus newsletters; also consider these.

Extra tips: Finally, get to know the students in your class, whether it’s by chatting with them or working together on an assignment, this will help make the semester smoother and you’ll meet new people.

Desy Jimenez-Sanchez is a journalism student at the YEC.

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