University colleges urged to prepare for presidential charter

Prof Avoke said the government had enacted the Education Regulators Act 2020, Act 1023 to censor the affiliate scheme.

In a speech read on his behalf at the 11and The school congregation held under the theme ‘Consolidating the gains of our reorganization in Accra’ last weekend he said University of Education Winneba (UEW) should lend support steadfast at JAYEE University College (JUC) to ensure that they become independent or self-sufficient.

He added that while the policy may be good news for university colleges, the law, like any other law, could have some inherent benefits, as well as challenges.

The Vice-Chancellor noted that the main essence of the Affiliate Policy was to provide mentorship and other guardianship matters to the Mentee Universities, and to nurture them until they are weaned as independent and self-governing universities capable of managing their own affairs.

He said mentorship included preparing mentee institutions to undertake a comprehensive self-assessment, provide the ability to measure results and prescribe appropriate recommendations for all self-assessment processes.

He said the processes, procedures and protocols could be cumbersome and complex, but helpful, and should motivate university colleges to aspire to obtain a government charter to ensure managerial and operational independence.

Professor Avoke said the implication of the Education Regulators Act 2020, Bill 1023, was that colleges would now lose the benefits of the affiliate policy hitherto of rolling over the backs of their mentor institutions for glory.

He said that the reorganization of the JUC would be able to solve all the problems of corporate governance, human resources, physical infrastructure and other necessary facilities, including a well-stocked library, an ICT laboratory, a auditorium and conference facilities, among others, which are part of the assessment. checklist for obtaining a presidential charter.

The Vice-Chancellor congratulated JUC and expressed his support for JUC in its attempt to consolidate the achievements of the reorganization of the institution.

In his welcoming remarks, Dr. Anthony Agyiri Aikins, President of the JUC, said that the ongoing transformation in the higher education landscape required colleges to adapt quickly to any changing situation so that they are aware of contemporary issues.

Dr Aikins said the antidote available to university colleges to beat the competition must be strategic in creating sustainable competitive advantages by focusing on key priority areas for success.

According to him, the changing climate of the higher education industry, the only option available to JUC was to undergo a reorganization exercise as an instrument of necessary transformation.

Dr Aikins said that all hopes seemed dashed and all was hopeless, management decided to hang on to revamp its processes through a series of re-engineering efforts and with the cooperation and support of academic and non-academic staff. darling academic. , students and other stakeholders.

According to him, the University Council has been extremely supportive and its President, Prof. Jophus Anamuah Mensah has been phenomenal in his endorsement of the continuation of the University College reorganization exercise.

A total of 325 great-aunts consisting of 97 men and 228 women received certificates in various fields.

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