University of Calcutta Colleges Await Green Light For Another Admission Round As Seats Open | Calcutta News

KOLKATA: Many colleges in Calcutta are awaiting government and University of Calcutta approval to proceed with another round of admissions now that a considerable number of first semester seats have become vacant after applicants submitted applications statements and withdrew from the courses they had applied for.
Surendranath College principal Indranil Kar said one of the reasons for the withdrawal of applicants could be the prevailing pandemic. “We have received several constituency candidates but some of them have decided to withdraw. Maybe they’re not sure whether to study in Calcutta amid a pandemic and uncertainties. These students may have preferred a college near their home, ”said Kar. He added that many could have chosen professional courses, for which counseling was underway. Of the 2,500 places at Surendranath College, around 900 specialist and general courses were vacant. “About 200 students, who had been admitted in the first semester, expressed their desire to leave,” he said.
About 100 students withdrew their admission to Maulana Azad College. “Of the 1,032 seats, around 120 are now vacant,” said an admissions officer at the college. At Bethune College, more than 90 students withdrew after admissions.
The scene is similar to Lady Brabourne College, where more than 107 seats out of 619 have become empty. “CU requested a report as soon as possible,” said director Siuli Sarkar. “Since so many seats are now available, we believe there will be a second round of admission, which will give interested applicants a chance to take a seat here. Those who withdrew mentioned taking courses elsewhere. Sarkar added that several students have also been admitted to other universities.
The director of Vivekananda College in Behala Tapan Poddar said he wrote to the higher education department, asking how to rank applicants who did not submit a declaration. “There are three kinds: those who have announced they will withdraw their admission, those who have confirmed seats and those who have neither confirmed nor withdrawn,” he said.

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