University of Calcutta Colleges Meet Merit List Deadline to Start Admitting Applicants Next Week | Calcutta News


KOLKATA: Most colleges at the University of Calcutta were able to meet the August 28 deadline – the latest date to publish the merit list. Some colleges, including Lady Brabourne College, waited until Thursday to welcome most of the applicants, whose grades were raised after review, before publishing the order of merit. The colleges, which have already released their provisional merit list, will begin the admissions process starting next week.
At Goenka College of Commerce and Business Administration, payment of admission fees will begin on September 1. Also at Bethune College, the first cycle of admissions will begin on September 1 and run until September 3. depending on the vacancies in the different departments, ”said an official who is part of the admissions committee.
“All relevant information regarding admission has been updated on the college’s website, which includes accommodation capacity as well as admission criteria,” said an official from Maulana Azad College where the fee online can be paid between September 1 and September 25.
Since the entire admissions process is online this year, college authorities have advised students to pay attention to the details they provided at the time of admission.
Lady Brabourne College principal Siuli Sarkar pointed out that this year there has been a spike in grades in all subjects where the cutoff aggregate to find their names in the top merit list has increased. “We took the list out on Thursday while trying to accommodate even those who improved their score after review,” Sarkar said.
At Surendranath College, the merit list was released on Thursday. “We received several candidates who applied several times in the same subject. It was very difficult to eliminate the original candidates. This year, without application fees, the number of applications has also increased. This worried us as the selection list for admissions will now be followed by several additional lists, ”said Indranil Kar, director of the college.
This year, the Department of Higher Education waived the application fee for UG admissions, resulting in several students applying multiple times in the same subject. Tapan Poddar, principal of Vivekananda College, said it was difficult to identify genuine applicants.


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