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PATNA: Offline Course for Newly Admitted Undergraduates students in various colleges of the University of Patna (PU) started on Thursday. There has been barely 40% turnout in the past two days, officials said.
BN College principal Raj Kishore Prasad said barely 40% of students expected to attend classes showed up. Only 50% of the students in a class are called every other day. This means that only student attendance was only 20%, which is quite unsatisfying, he said.
He further pointed out that the fear of Covid-19 still lingers in the minds of most guardians and therefore they are unwilling to allow their wards to go to college. In addition, most of the students are still residing in their place of origin and the news of resuming their offline classes has not yet reached them. Student attendance would gradually increase, he said.
The situation at Patna College is no better than that of BN College. Even though the classes with a greater strength of students were divided into two parts, smaller classes were left as such. “The acute shortage of teachers has made it very difficult to conduct regular classes offline. How can courses in subjects like history and political science with a maximum number of students be organized with only one teacher each ”, asked the director of the university, Ashok Kumar.
Magadh Mahila College principal Shashi Sharma said about 50% of students showed up for classes in the past two days. Some girls’ guardians are still reluctant to send them to college for fear of Civid-19. Their fear is not unwarranted as most girls who come to college are the least concerned about Covid-19. Despite repeated warnings from college officials and teachers, most girls fail to maintain social distancing and more often than not, most of them sit nearby on only two or three front benches, said the director.
At Patna Science College, an introductory meeting for newly admitted Part I Bachelor of Science students would be held on Monday and their classes would begin thereafter, said Anil Kumar, the college’s senior professor.


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