Vacant seats but no admissions at 2 Delhi university colleges, contenders say


Some Delhi University (DU) aspirants have alleged that two colleges, Indraprastha College for Women and Kamala Nehru College (KNC), closed admissions to history (Hons) classes after the second special training despite the fact that there are vacant seats in the unreserved category.

Claiming that 7 seats were still vacant at IP College and 11 seats at KNC, they said they could not be admitted despite high marks. Both colleges refuted the allegations.

IP College Director Babli Moitra Saraf said: “Seats are not vacant, they are when students move (go out). No college can close admissions without instructions from the university, and the admissions process cannot continue indefinitely. The process was completely followed.

KNC Director Kalpana Bhakuni said she was quite sure the claims were not true: “I am not in college and will have to check with my admissions officer, but I am quite sure it is not. “

According to DU registrar Vikas Gupta, the university had made every effort to fill the seats.

“We have organized three special trips, but as the students leave, the seats keep getting empty. We cannot keep these discs indefinitely. The UGC had given us a deadline of November 30th to complete admissions for this session, but we extended it until December 31st. Our academic session started on November 22; we cannot extend admission beyond that. It’s also not something that happened this year; it happens every year, ”he said.

The students concerned, however, said the decision to close admissions on “vacant seats was a flagrant violation of their basic rights.”

“We want DU to organize another special campaign so that we can be admitted to these prestigious colleges… It will affect our future university careers,” said one student.

Another contender added, “In a situation where there is an abundance of places in the unreserved category, how can the University of Delhi refuse to organize another special reader? The admission portal clearly mentions that the special trips / cuts will continue until all seats are

completed. So what’s the reason for closing admissions on December 31st? “

A student with a best-of-four percentage of 93% said he was losing opportunities despite scoring well.


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