What were the students of Elizabethtown College doing this summer? – The Etownian

With the end of summer and the start of the new school year, students at Elizabethtown College have begun to return to the daily schedule of classes, extracurricular activities and career building for the school year. While all of these activities are important, it can also be equally important to recognize and remember the possibilities that summer can bring. From vacations to jobs to exciting travel opportunities, Etown students at all levels were busy making memories this summer in a variety of ways!

According to a survey sent to the Jays app, the majority of respondents had a summer job or internship that kept them busy when they weren’t in school. It appears the students have had a wide variety of professional development opportunities over the past few months, from lab assistants to museum interns to working for their local newspapers. Much of this work took place off campus, but some students also stayed on campus, working for the College or doing SCARP projects with faculty. Whether far from or near Elizabethtown, many students were doing important work when they weren’t in class.

While summer is often touted as a time to relax and unwind, only a few of our survey respondents said they had gone on vacation this summer. Some students may have hit the beach or traveled across the country on trips throughout the summer, but it seems the campus community as a whole has been working hard. This proves how dedicated Etown students are to their education, their professional development and their goals! Student accomplishments are often highly rated throughout the school year as opportunities arise, but these accomplishments seem to have continued into the summer months as well. There is no doubt that the past few months have given many students opportunities for growth, learning and discovery outside of the classroom (and, for those who have taken term or summer courses in May, also within it).

Along with doing internships, summer jobs and more, some students had the opportunity to explore the world away from Etown. Job opportunities have taken students across the country, and study abroad has taken some students across the ocean. For example, a group of students took their studies to England, where they spent two weeks exploring literary landmarks across the country.

Overall, it seems the Etown community has remained dedicated, driven and ambitious in their goals. The students achieved a number of impressive achievements, developed new skills and created new memories during their time away from campus. Of course, at the end of the summer, it can be difficult to adjust to the change in routine between summer and school. However, as students settle into the semester, it is obvious that they can look back on their summer experiences with a sense of pride. Additionally, as they turn their attention to the future, students will find many more opportunities and memories to come. Whether off campus or on campus, Etown students are sure to find ways to engage in scholarship, professional development, and more opportunities for success while having fun. .

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