WSSU’s Job Corps Scholars program offers free college courses and professional certifications


Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) now offers a new program that allows participants to take free college courses and earn career preparation certification in their chosen field.

WSSU’s Job Corps Scholars program is designed to remove some of the barriers to education and employment. The program is funded by a grant from the United States Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration and is unlike anything else offered by a four-year college or university.

While similar programs are popular nationwide and at community colleges, WSSU is the first four-year college or university in the state to offer an employment corps program.

After completing the two-year program, participants will earn certification in one of eight different areas: cybersecurity, computer programming, entrepreneurship, healthcare, law enforcement, legal services, management, or web applications. Participants will also have access to tutoring, career counseling, work placement, the opportunity to attend several career development workshops, tuition assistance, mileage reimbursement, assistance childcare and transportation assistance.

Dr Zeb Talley, who helped draft the grant for the program, said he was thrilled to be part of the team that brought the program to WSSU. “We are delighted to welcome him and to be the forerunners of the program,” said Talley during the discussion of the Job Corps Scholars program. Talley, who is the director of career development services, said the program is a great way to accelerate your career.

“This is a great opportunity for young and old to really take advantage of a program that in essence accelerates your career,” said Talley. “Give us two years of your life and we can get you one or two accelerated certifications and prepare you for the job market.” ”

In the first year of the program, students will take college courses and earn their certification. In the second year, counselors will help participants find employment, enroll in an apprenticeship program, join the military, or continue their education. Throughout the program, students will have access to professional support, emotional support and guidance counselors from the university.

Nichelle Carroll, a personal and professional development advisor, said she enjoys helping those in need navigate life. “We know that to be up to the occasion we need to have skills: training skills in a particular area, social skills, interview skills, how to create a CV and how to navigate,” Carroll continued. . “We want to be able to equip young people with tools to be able to navigate so that they are comfortable and confident.

Participants in the WSSU Job Corps Scholars program must be between the ages of 16 and 24, live in Forsyth, Davidson, Davie, Guilford or Wake counties and meet low income criteria. The first cohort of students started taking classes earlier this summer.

Elaina Saunders, who is in the first cohort of students, said the program saved her life. Saunders, who is working on her healthcare certification, said she heard about the program from her guidance counselor at North Forsyth High School. “There’s not a single bad thing I can say about this program,” Saunders said.

“Ms. Carroll, who is my advisor, Dr. Talley and all of the staff are very supportive. They will walk you every step of the way and make sure you have everything you need,” he said. she said, “I would encourage people my age and younger to take advantage of this opportunity. It’s a wonderful opportunity that won’t be there when we get older, so why not take advantage of it now?”

For more information on Winston-Salem State University’s Job Corps Scholars program, visit corp-scholars-program .html.

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